Turin, Gramsci, and Italy’s “red years”: some background material

A short timeline

Turin and Italy, 1919-20 Continue reading

Turin, Gramsci, and Italy’s “red years”

The red years: 1919-20


The Russian workers’ revolution of October 1917 and the end of World War 1 in November 1918 were followed by a wave of economic turmoil and working-class radicalisation across Europe, and especially in Italy. Continue reading

Study notes on the “Selections from the Prison Notebooks”

Click here for study notes on the “Selections from the Prison Notebooks” edited by Quintin Hoare and Geoffrey Nowell-Smith.

New book: “Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary”

Edited by Martin Thomas. Click here for details.

The whole of the Notebooks online (in Italian)

Here: http://www.gramscisource.org

Gramsci and Trotsky

In June 1930 Alfonso Leonetti, Paolo Ravazzoli, and Pietro Tresso – three of the eight members of the Executive of the Italian Communist Party – were expelled. Continue reading

The revolutionary socialist as democratic philosopher. (Review of “The Gramscian Moment”).

Click here to read the review, and click here to download it as pdf. The review also includes a list of links to other reviews of “The Gramscian Moment”.

“The Gramscian Moment”: an interview with Peter Thomas

Click here to read an interview with Peter Thomas about his book “The Gramscian Moment”, or click here to download the interview as pdf.

Anderson and Gramsci

Peter Thomas’s book The Gramscian Moment gives over its second chapter to a discussion and critique of Perry Anderson’s famous study from 1976, The Antinomies of Antonio Gramsci. Large parts of later chapters are also polemic against Anderson. Continue reading

London conference on Gramsci

A conference on Gramsci in London on 28 May 2010 showed that recent research has fatally undermined interpretations of Gramsci as a “post-Marxist” or loyal forerunner of “Eurocommunism”. Continue reading